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[Many have probably noticed that I am not on Freya all that often (if at all anymore) and this is because I feel uncomfortable with this muse now. I have more or less lost her completely and that makes me sad. However I do have another that I feel very comfortable with and that would be my Porom muse. SOOOOO if anyone here wants to interact with me on any muse feel free to come follow. I may not write generic welcome starters all that much but I do pop up opens everyone is welcome to jump on~]



"Tch." That struck a nerve it seemed. He went silent for a few moments. This was awkward, to say the least.

"…Have you considered what we talked about a while back, about rebuilding Burmecia somehow?"

A silence again. Jade eyes never leaving this familiar being. This silence, however, not as welcome. It was thick with a tension and not to mention awkward. Yet his question was to break it—

"Of course. The rebuild being the highest of priorities. I fear we may need some help, however."

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[AHHHH Lalafell babies <33 oh god they are so cute! And thank you sweetie :3]



"I suppose so. It lets a person clear their head and relax a bit, which leads to better focus in the future." 

"Mmm— Though sometimes the thoughts can be overwhelming."



"You grow to dislike it when it happens consistently. Enjoy it while you can."

"This I know well, but every once in a while is fine."

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"Slow night. It’s nice."


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Also on that note, apologies if I seem slow… Like I mentioned, been over a month since I was last here… Sorta (minus any lurking)]


"…Mog? How odd to see you without Eiko."